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Weekly Weigh In No. 2

Weekly Weigh In No. 2

Last week was the first week on the new Freestyle plan and I have to say I was not successful.  I DID track almost everything that I ate, buuuuuut I went over my points.  Daily aaaaand weekly…um, like…by A LOT…like -158 a lot.

Here’s the thing.  There a ton of zero point foods now.  My meals for the week included NONE of those.  I also have fewer points now, and that was evident by 2PM every freaking day when I had zero points remaining.

Outcome: Nothing.  I stayed the same.  I guess considering that I had pizza, french fries and Taco Bell this week, I will consider that a win.

Last weeks goal: TRACK EVERYTHING – Failed.  I didn’t track anything last Sunday, but did track everything from the week.

My meals for this week include a fish crumble, pot roast, shepherd’s pie, eggs, oatmeal, fruits, and yogurt.  I’ll keep you posted.  If anything was amazingly delicious I will share the recipe in another post.  Have an awesome week!

Selfie Note – Since I am trying to incorporate more of my own photos into this, I meant to take a selfie while I was at the meeting, but I forgot.  So, instead, here is me at the table while I write.  The first image is from my my phone, the second is from Vince’s phone.  His is an iPhone 8 and takes better photos than my 6s.  I’m trying to convince him that I need a new iPhone X so that I won’t have to borrow his phone for photos.  I’m pretty sure that he’s almost convinced. Hahahahaha!

Weekly Goals: TRACK EVERYTHING and stay within my points!

The Numbers

Daily Freestyle SP:  38

Highest Weight: 300

ww Starting Weight (SW): 295.0

ww Lowest Weight: 276.5

Current Weight (CW): 287.0

Sunday – Did not track.

Monday – 43

Tuesday – 40

Wednesday – 75

Thursday – 170

Friday – 67

Saturday – 54

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