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Weekly Weigh In No. 1

Weekly Weigh In No. 1

This past weekend marked my 16 week milestone with the Weight Watchers (henceforth shall be referred to as the ww, or ww).

Side note: I’m always tickled to see the way my writing changes if I’m updating at lunchtime on a work day opposed to my writing style outside of working hours.

I joined ww June 1, so it’s been more than 16 weeks in actuality, but I didn’t weigh in weekly as I should have.  That is why I’m just now hitting the 16 week mark.

I need a little extra accountability since I AM SUCH A SLACKER.  My goal is to hold myself accountable by checking in on my weigh in day (Sunday).  I should have dropped so much more weight at this point.  In all honesty, when I track my food and I stick to my points, the plan works.  I track about a quarter of the time and mostly lie to myself the rest of the time.  That has to stop. Otherwise, what is the point of this?

Outcome: I was up in weight this week.  Why?  Cake and fried chicken.  It was my birthday on Tuesday and I had some glorious cake and some (crispy) Korean fried chicken.  I didn’t track any of that.

Today also marked the release of the new ww plan called Freestyle.  We’ll see next week at weigh in (wi) how that goes.


My ww by the numbers:

Daily Freestyle SP:  38

Highest Weight: 300

ww Starting Weight (SW): 295.0

ww Lowest Weight: 276.5

Current Weight (CW): 287.0

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