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It kind of feels like, my one year blogiversary just happened.  I mean, it kind of did.  Technically a year ago, even though I just posted about it a few months ago.  I love following the bloggers who can multitask.  Those magical creatures who can continue to write through school, work, relationships, disappointments, setbacks, nuclear threats, vacations, births and deaths.  Whatever life throws at you, you keep on sharing.  I really want to be you.

Since my last post a lot has happened.  I have almost six months to catch you up on the past six months. I’ll start on a happy note – I’m finished with school…for now.

I just finished my final class, Elements of Calculus.  I, unfortunately, did not get everything in on time for summer graduation.  Oh well, what’s another few more months in the grand scheme of things?  I will OFFICIALLY be graduating in the fall with an AA in Business Administration.  I am so relieved.  I was afraid I would have to take that stupid calculus class again…for the fourth time, but NO!  I passed…with a D! My professor told me D is for degree…yes, really – he said that to me.  Ya know what?  I’ll take it.

My weight is…well…it is.  My amazing step mother lost 111 pounds on Weight Watchers.  I know!  111 pounds!!  That’s crazy!  She feels and looks INCREDIBLE.  She encouraged my mom to join.  My mom joined and I promised her that if she could lose 10 pounds that I would join with her – but then I got pregnant…and then that went to shit.  My mom has lost over 20 pounds and I finally joined.  I’m down 18 pounds since June 1.  I’m super impressed with Weight Watchers and having great success.

I haven’t been cooking/knitting/dancing naked/drinking/reading/listening to music/blogging/living much lately.  School was killing my soul.  Now that’s over (for now) I hope to start making time for the things I love…staring with my blog and it’s new facelift.  Happy Blogiversary!

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